So what is a Make? Here it is an activity to do as part of the Networked Narratives experience in applying and practicing creativity with digital media.

As an example What’s Do Your Pre-NetNarr Twitter Tracks Look Like?.

Each Make opens with some information about it, including who made it, what type it is, a difficulty rating by the creator (1-5), and… stars. Anyone can vote on how great (or not so great) a Make is by clicking the appropriate number of stars. This can help others find the best Makes to do.

Top Information part of a Make

The left side has a description and instructions for doing it; on the right you will find a link to an example.

Down the page you will see a link to Add a Response — this is where you enter information about your effort to do this Make. Below you will see links to responses from others who did it before you.

When you submit a response, make use of your creative skills in the title! You have a choice for the link to your work- if it is published or available somewhere else (Twitter, YouTube, another web site), you can use that to show your work and then write in the form field below a short description like you might in a blog post.

Or you can publish your response as a blog post in your own site, and use that web address in the form. This way you can just write a 1-2 sentence summary:

Writing a detailed response to this Make, since the link points to another web site that has the media or work I created

After filling out the form, use the Update button at the bottom to verify enough information is included. If there are no errors, you can re-edit, use the Preview button at the bottom, or if it looks perfect, click Submit.

The buttons in the bottom right of the response form for checking, previewing, and submitting your response

Each response published to the Make Bank will have it’s own URL (see an example) that you can reference in your weekly summaries, or even tweet out.