The act of identity construction performed online is at once a private and individual performance… but it is also a communal and public activity.

A major question comes out of this: What layers of our true selves can be shared in a selfie? What are ways to share an authentic version of the self online?

And what does it even mean to be authentic in digital life today? And how are people dealing with this? People are definitely finding ways to curate parts of themselves online now, but it is a complicated process.

We are asking you to go beyond a traditional selfie and consider nontraditional ways of representing yourself on social media. Welcome to the #SelfieUnselfie project.

  1. Take or choose a “selfie” that you would post on social media and write about why you chose to post it. What does the image reveal about you? What message does it send your friends and followers?
  2. Reflect on your selfie. Look at your answer from above and think about what other qualities or aspects of yourself are missing from that image. Go ahead and list these aspects of your identity. You are much more than a selfie– consider some reasons why a selfie might limit an understanding of who you are.
  3. Take your “unselfie”. This a representation of self to be shared online, but one that is not a self-portrait picture. How could you present a part of who you are with a different kind of image? It shouldn’t be a picture of you– there are many ways to represent yourself visually. Now, create the image that is your “unselfie.”
  4. Post your work and an artist statement. Write a caption that is a few sentences long explaining your choices in rethinking the selfie, and why you made your ‘unselfie’ the way you did.
  5. Post to a platform of your choice— Twitter, Instagram, or your own blog, Share your selfie (if you feel comfortable doing so) and your ‘unselfie’ plus your artist statement. Finally, add the hashtag #selfieunselfie and… post!

Tagged #selfieunselfie in twitter

We would love to showcase your ideas and images for art installation at the public libraries in Norway. If you would like to be included, be sure to include #selfieunselfie in your caption and post on a public account and/or send by email to

Tagged #selfieunselfie in Instagram

When posting your response to this Make, include your artist statement. For the example us the URL for a tweet with the captions that has the 2 images attached or a blog post that includes both images and your statement. Or you can also embed tweets and instagrams in the body of your response.

Example for "#SelfieUnselfie":

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11 Responses for this Make

  • Pizza As Me Making
    by Alan Levine (@cogdog))

    I don’t do many solo selfie photos; my preference is looking through the camera lens at something or someone else.  But selfies are something I enjoy doing with my wife, when we are out hiking or visiting a special place. I have a knack for almost never looking directly into the lens of the iPhone more… »

  • My Selfies Keep My Secrets
    by helterskelliter (@helterskelliter))

    Until recently, I considered myself a selfie-queen. I would post pictures of myself daily on my social media feeds. The pictures made me feel confident and made me see myself as pretty. Despite the confidence I’m sometimes told I project, I’m actually quite self-conscious about my appearance. Growing up my skin was too pale and more… »

  • Truth Behind a Selfie
    by Vanessa Castrillon (@nessacastrii))

    Selfies have taken over the world in a matter of seconds! Yes, Selfies, like pictures, have existed for centuries, but now  it has become so popular that it has its own name. The tricky idea with Selfies is that although you see the person’s face and emotion and the background behind, you cannot see how more… »

  • #SelfieUnselfie
    by Line S (@Line95))

    There is so much more to me than just being a happy girl, I am a competitive cheerleader with a love for Coca Cola Zero. You can never truly know a person based on a selfie. In my unselfie, you get to know me little bit bettter.

  • whomst man is this
    by hailey (@stryii))

    from a selfie, it would be hard for people who didn’t know me to get an idea that i have an obsession with Allen Ginsberg. i also really (really) love coffee & cats, but maybe you could’ve guessed that just by looking at me. if a picture is worth a thousand words, does a selfie more… »

  • When reality gets blurred with what's fake..
    by Tiffany Santos (@tiffsanto))

    The selfie is suppose to (in most cases) represent who we are. But when I think about it, it doesn’t really. After looking into what was done in class and what was learned, a selfie doesn’t really portray who I am. Does it show the “perfect me” that I want people to see? Of course more… »

  • The Dark Circles Beneath
    by helterskelliter (@helterskelliter))

    Original Instagram Post I post many pictures of myself online and in digital spaces. This selfie is typical of the ones I usually share (in fact, I did post it here on the gram a few months back~). Face larger than life. Skin smooth like porcelain and glowing as if from within. Hint of pink. more… »

  • Don't overthink it
    by Elias Refvem Siljan (@eliassiljan))

    After totally overthinking my selfie and unselfie for about an hour, I eventually just took pictures of stuff i like, and I am happy with the result. The things that best represent you tend to be the things you have valued over longer periods of time.

  • It’s in the Eyes / Things I Said I Could Not Do
    by Alan Levine (@cogdog))

    I take and share many photos but almost none are selfies. I might say my expression is what I see through the camera. But maybe I carry and create assumptions when seeing the selfies of others. There is no single way to categorize them all in terms of intent. And I do enjoy taking candid more… »

  • The Fragmented Me (Exploring Selfies in an UnSelfie World)
    by Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax))

    Artist Statement: With my comic, I was trying to capture the idea that instead of us using our technology to capture an image of us as Selfie, it would instead be the reverse: our technology using us, on a Selfie Stick, to capture a representation of it for the world. Sort of like a cultural more… »

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