As one more twist on making animated GIFs from photos, the same Gifmaker tool can let you mix together animated GIFs and photos into a single final GIF.

As a mini capstone to our #NetNarr segment on Digital Art, first assemble together a collection of images on your computer (perhaps photos you took or used for a Daily Digital Alchemy? from the Photo Safari?, meme images you created?) and animated gifs (ones you made or found, download them as .gif files to your computer).

We will put them all together with Giphy Gifmaker tool, again using the top left tool to Choose a Photo or GIF.

Here we can upload all of our photos, images, and gifs.

And again, we can reorder items, remove or add more — what you are aiming for is to create an artistic statement or position about digital art or our theme of digital life.

Publish your GIF and share as your response.

Example for "GIF It All Together: Digital Art / Digital Life":

Netnarr GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

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6 Responses for this Make

  • Procrastination caused by the digital life
    by UngeKleptoman (@UngeKleptoman))

    The struggle of prioritizing school, exercise, friends, etc. doesn’t come any easier as the digital life consumes us. Netflix and Youtube is in my case very present – thus procrastinating. Responsibilities can easily be overlooked by dreaming away with your favorite TV-show on Netflix or watching Graham Norton best Eurovision Song Contest comments on Youtube. more… »

  • The life of a digital daily alchemist
    by Tiffany (@tiffsanto))

    These photos were inspired by the work I do on my computer for this class. Most of my assignments are done in my living room whilst I watch one of my favorite TV shows or a movie. All my memes for the class and GIFs are done on my laptop. It provides an overall concept more… »

  • What You Make (Haha) of It
    by Kelli (@helterskelliter))

    My gif to you~ To me, a lot of our discussion has revolved around whether or not new digital media is art. Does it have that essence to it that makes traditional art moving and purposeful and, well, art? Can work made through digital means? I don’t know about you, but the answer to that for me, is yes. more… »

  • CREATE pt. 2
    by hailey (@stryii))

    I guess Imgur cut off the last part of my GIF, so let me try again. Oops!

    by hailey (@stryii))

    I was inspired by the idea of creation for this remixed GIF of digital art! I found a few GIFs & pictures of both art and inspirational messages and compressed them in a GIF, and then I decided to put the text “CREATE” over it, because who needs subliminal messaging. To quote the wise Shia more… »

  • Remixed Nail Art
    by Marissa Candiloro (@rissacandiloro))

    You think it’s the same GIF as before…..and then BAM MORE GIFS. You just got #remixd  

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