This Make builds on a previous Photograph a Process Make which asked you to collect a series of images showing something you do/create by hand (e.g. cooking, making analog art, demonstrating a skill).

Now you can bring it to life as an animated GIF.

We again use the Giphy Gifmaker tool, but this time we use the top left tool to Choose a Photo or GIF.

Here we can upload all of our photos.

In the slideshow settings, you can reorder the photos and use the slider to adjust how long they are displayed (up to a total GIF time of 10 seconds). If you forgot or wish to add more images, you can also do that here.

When done, like we did for making a GIF from a video, we Continue to Decorate, add text, effects, etc to make our process GIF come to life.

How well do you think this does to show a process over and over? Are there other ways you can see using this?

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5 Responses for this Make

  • When your addiction for coffee becomes useful for class!
    by Tiffany (@tiffsanto))

    I did this as a How To make because it basically describes step by step how to make a cup of coffee on a machine, which in my case is a Nespresso machine. I can see using this to help with other things because it helps break things down into steps or parts and giphy more… »

  • lowhangingfruit.gif
    by Justin G. (@Justinsightfuls))

    Dabs are great, but what’s even greater is a montage of them.

  • *I'm not responsible for any torch-related injuries
    by Kelli (@helterskelliter))

    Ever wondered how to solder something together??? Well, look no further–I’ve got you. Though no small task, I was able to condense the basic soldering process into 6 easy steps: (supplies not included) Place your soldering chips around the two pieces of metal you want to solder. Fire fire fire fire fire (torch your piece more… »

  • Nail Art Process
    by Marissa Candiloro (@rissacandiloro))

    When I took these pictures, I set them up as elements of the process– not as steps in the process– so this is my test submission. I’m intrigued by the idea of capturing one scene several times a day in different lighting, which I might attempt for my next submission.

  • centered
    by hailey (@stryii))

    snapshot poetics // the steps for sitting down and writing poetry

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  1.  What Does It All Meme???? – helterskelliter
  2.  Week 7.0: GIFfing It All Together – #netnarr

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