Five Card Flickr Stories is a site for practice creating stories from disparate images.

The source of images are from the photo sharing site flickr, all having a tag to create a pool of images. Five are presented to you, and your task is to pick one to start a story. Then you get five more, and you pick the second photo for the story. This is repeated until the end, when you have a string of five photos.

The creative part is then adding a title and a bit of narrative to stitch them together. For this Make, we ask you to weave a story that taps into the Networked Narratives 2018 theme of This Digital Life and make a story that references digital technologies, data tracking, surveillance, etc. But hey, they need not be all dark! Maybe you can create a positive story from the photos about the digital effect on us.

Start a story round now– Deal me my first five photos!

Example for "Five Photo Digital Life Stories":

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4 Responses for this Make

  • A Cold Day in the Woods
    by Rissa Candiloro (@rissacandiloro))

    As I walked through the woods behind my house I felt, as I often do, the universe shift around me. It’s hard to explain how I’ve learned to recognize the change, but it’s something in the air. It prickles slightly, and the smell, it changes. It feels older, somehow, like the still air in an more… »

  • Choose Your Path
    by Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri))

    At the time of this creation, I was part of #etmooc, just beginning my journey to become a connected educator.  We were sharing photos in Flickr, connecting students around the world in projects, and building an understanding of Digital Literacies [post, 2013]. As I reviewed this example, I remember being surprised to find images from more… »

  • I Am Digitized
    by Tiffany Santos (@tiffsanto))

    This was my first time ever completing a story on Five Photo Digital Life Stories. It wasn’t as complicated as I initially thought. Once I thought of what idea I wanted to use in picking my photos, it was fairly simple. My story focused on data tracking and how people we don’t know, know what more… »

  • Every Moment Is A Poem If You Hold It Right~
    by helterskelliter (@helterskelliter))

    So, this isn’t my first time writing a story from this 5 card flickr roulette. I wrote another story last year, titled “Lucid Dreaming“. It’s more of a poem, really. I find that using images like this–in this seemingly random order–is conducive to creating poetry. Images are moments and poetry is a means through which more… »

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  2.  Degenerate Art 2.0~ – helterskelliter

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