Dealing with the depth and vagueness of the dark internet can be overwhelming. What if you could summon a mentor, a digital alchemist, that might guide you towards the light?

Imagine a coffee shop name “Arganee,  filled with experienced alchemists who have figured out their own ways of transforming the internet darkness into shards of light.  If you approach them respectfully, one alchemist character can assist you in becoming like them, a contributing member to this special society.

Start to imagine the special traits of your alchemist mentor. What is their physical form- could be a non-human entity? What do they look like? What is her/his name/it’s name? What powers do they hold? What experiments do they like to conduct? Who are their allies?  What are their strengths? What are their weakness? What are their secrets? 

Here you will conjure your digital own digital alchemist and start filling out your own Digital Alchemist Profile document. Get a copy of the template as a Google Doc, and first rename it to something meaningful for you.

  • Create a name for your alchemist. Try the Alchemist Name Generator and/or experiment with putting names through a ROT13 transformation.
  • Find a representative image (it will be used as an avatar image in the future).  What do you imagine them looking like? They can be non human, as long as you can communicate with them. For human images try
  • Brainstorm their attributes. Jot down some notes for traits you imagine them having- remember they can have strengths, but for each, their is often a counter balance, these alchemists are not super power comic characters. How might they communicate to you, and you to them?

We will return to this in future weeks of our work (e.g. creating twitter / accounts) For now, we want you to start making them come alive in your imagination.

After you have updated your own document. click the Share button in the top right, and then the link for Get Sharable Link- this will create a public viewable URL you can enter in the response to this Make so others can learn about your alchemist mentor.

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