When the Wifi is Down

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On a scale of 1 to OMG WTF how much does it suck when you get somewhere and find out there’s no wifi???

Wifi went down on campus last week and I swear more than half the campus packed up and left. It is a real inconvenience when you can’t get on the internet–especially when you’re trying to get that #netnarr stuff done (am I right??).

It’s hard to be a contributing memeber (I hate myself btw) of the internet when, well, you don’t have internet.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I digress~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Anyway, my second gif I made was inspired by me imagining how the first person who left in search of wifi felt when others began to join them. Though, I guess you could use the gif as a reaction to any scenario in which one action inspires the actions of others. Do you think so?


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