Truth Behind a Selfie

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created by Vanessa Castrillon (@nessacastrii)

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Selfies have taken over the world in a matter of seconds! Yes, Selfies, like pictures, have existed for centuries, but now  it has become so popular that it has its own name. The tricky idea with Selfies is that although you see the person’s face and emotion and the background behind, you cannot see how they are feeling or how they actually look like. I am one who does not take a lot of pictures of myself. I love to take them in special occasions or at a gathering, but I am not one to take pictures when bored or have nothing to do. I am also not a fan on using filters to make your appearance look better. I love to use it for humor or with friends but its bad when a viewer can tell that a person looks good due to the filter. Every human being has to accept their flaws and love it so that everyone can see the confidence everyone should have.

My selfie on the left shows a Vanessa who has finally fixed herself up after days of being sick in bed with the flu and Upper Respiratory Infection. I am finally feeling like myself so before I went out earlier in the day, I decided to actually wear jeans and do my usual make up look, especially with a matte lipstick which i have not used for months so its weird to see myself with lipstick. I am happy that I am feeling better, which you can see in the picture, and it also shows as if I do not have worries at the moment which is untrue.

For my Unselfie, I decided to show the view in front of me while taking the selfie. I am catching up on homework that I have not done for the past 2 weeks. I wasn’t able to go to school or work, so you will think that I had enough time to do everything before the new week started, but  I did not. I tried but every time I opened my computer, I will use Netflix instead and watch a movie due to constant headaches. So now that I am feeling better, I am paying the price of it. The photo in the bottom was taken by my mom while I was sleeping right after the Doctor gave me Ibuprophen. So in a way, it was a before and after from last week and today.

I believe that Selfies should be used as motivation. If the emotion behind the Selfie you took is not matching how you feel, then it should be changed.

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