My Sliver of Quiet Twitter Times

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created by Alan Levine (@cogdog)

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It’s no surprise my account activity is pretty full. I tweet a lot. At least this indicates I sleep (or do not tweet) from ~ 1:30am to 6:30am (but sometimes wake up Tuesdays 4am to tweet? I hope that’s not a regular pattern.

A screenshot of the twitter account analysis for @cogdog

This does show that some? entity? might be able to deduce my sleep patterns from my twitter activity, and then what else might they correlate that with?

You can see I tweet most from Tweetdeck but a fair bit using Echofon (mobile app). My activity is almost equal tweets and replies, and you can see whom I interact with and the hashtags I use.

other account data like the clients I use to connect to twitter

This is a lot of information regularly collected. While yes, it potentially could be used in aggregate for who knows what, it also provides me some individual information I might want to compare at a later date.

Should I stop the tweeting? Should I tweet about stopping tweeting?

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