I'm Not Like Other Memes

A response to the Most Fascinating Subject in the World Meme Make
created by helterskelliter (@helterskelliter)

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For those who don’t know, I’m interested in both memes and community service. As such, I decided to unify both interests in one meme. The image I chose to use is actually in my university’s calendar and depicts me participating in a service project at a local community food bank. I’m wearing a decidedly lovely hairnet. Because of my overall loveliness in this image, I thought it was a perfect candidate for “meme-ing”.

This meme may not make sense to anyone who doesn’t know me or understand my interests but I also think I did keep it a little broad??? I mean, many people are interested in mimetics and so-called “meme-discourse” so maybe this meme jives with them???

Idk you tell me~

Example for "I'm Not Like Other Memes":


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