Comparing LPR Locations in Newark to Areas of Inequality

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In researching whether or not a kind of redlining is still present in Essex County, specifically in Newark, NJ, I noticed a possible correlation between License Plate Reader (LPR) camera locations and the location of Newark’s poorer areas.

According to the LPR map, there is a cluster of license plate reader cameras located in the center of Newark, sandwiched between 2 areas (Third Ward and Ironbound) identified by the inequality tracking map as “hazardous” zones. Now, this cluster could be related to the close proximity of Newark Penn Station–a major travel hub–but upon inspection of other large, travel hubs in the area, like the nearby Paterson rail station, that doesn’t seem to be the case. At least, there’s only 1 LPR location near the Paterson rail station compared to the 5 LPR locations within a few blocks of each other near Newark Penn Station.

So, perhaps the cluster of LPR locations in Newark relates more to the “hazardous” designation of the overall area?


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