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So, I wasn’t really sure what story I wanted to create using sound until I got lost in the incessant clacking sound of my keyboard. Then, I knew what I wanted to say:

My message relates more to how annoying certain aspects of digital life and communication can be. It’s great–don’t get me wrong–but it can be aggravating, too.

First, I added an ominous door opening sound to communicate that we’re entering a kind of closed-off space (which the internet can feel like sometimes). Then, I layered two different keyboard tracks on top of each other–one calm and one that gets progressively more aggravated, keys getting pounded and and the keyboard possibly smashed. I liked the two together also because, combined, they only intensified that incessant clacking noise. But, to create more of a story I decided to add in a “message ping” that would keep going off the longer you tried to ignore it. I tried to space the pings to coincide with the growing intensity of the pounding on the keyboard. I even layered some to sound like more than one is going off. I don’t know about you, but I think I did a pretty good job at making it annoying! And, I added in a frustrated sigh towards the end (that I amplified a bit) when the pings kind of taper off….before one last, loud pings goes off. I felt like that last ping was the icing on the cake. It makes the listener want to groan out loud–is what I hope!

Anyway, here are the sounds I used to make my work:

Door opening:

1st keyboard:

2nd, angrier keyboard:

Message ping:

Aggravated sigh:

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