Frustration with Gaming Using Instruments Guide

Created by Tiffany (@tiffsanto), guide for Digital / Gamed Life Sound Effect Story Make

It took me awhile to really understand how to do this and I still don’t feel like I did a good job, but I gave it a try! Let’s see how it goes. My track is based on using calming instruments and transitioning to louder instruments as a representation of the range of frustration when more… »

When your addiction for coffee becomes useful for class! Guide

Created by Tiffany (@tiffsanto), guide for GIF a Process Make

I did this as a How To make because it basically describes step by step how to make a cup of coffee on a machine, which in my case is a Nespresso machine. I can see using this to help with other things because it helps break things down into steps or parts and giphy more… »

The life of a digital daily alchemist Guide

Created by Tiffany (@tiffsanto), guide for GIF It All Together: Digital Art / Digital Life Make

These photos were inspired by the work I do on my computer for this class. Most of my assignments are done in my living room whilst I watch one of my favorite TV shows or a movie. All my memes for the class and GIFs are done on my laptop. It provides an overall concept more… »

Tough Times Call for Desperate Measures Guide

Created by Tiffany Santos (@tiffsanto), guide for Many GIFs From One [Western] Video Make

When someone wants to test you patience and instead of giving them what they want, you walk away. It is always better to walk away. I felt that this clip was an excellent clip that portrays a message without a caption. It can mean or represent anything. I chose to do mine based on defusing more… »

When reality gets blurred with what's fake.. Guide

Created by Tiffany Santos (@tiffsanto), guide for #SelfieUnselfie Make

The selfie is suppose to (in most cases) represent who we are. But when I think about it, it doesn’t really. After looking into what was done in class and what was learned, a selfie doesn’t really portray who I am. Does it show the “perfect me” that I want people to see? Of course more… »