Pounding Away~ Guide

Created by helterskelliter (@helterskelliter), guide for Most Fascinating Subject in the World Meme Make

So, for those who don’t know, writing is not my only art. I also do metalworks and jewelry-making. It is a very rewarding form of art but it can take a lot of effort and patience. Nothing happens quickly. Anyway, I decided to meme what sometimes feels like a meme–especially after a few hours when the more… »

Every Moment Is A Poem If You Hold It Right~ Guide

Created by helterskelliter (@helterskelliter), guide for Five Photo Digital Life Stories Make

So, this isn’t my first time writing a story from this 5 card flickr roulette. I wrote another story last year, titled “Lucid Dreaming“. It’s more of a poem, really. I find that using images like this–in this seemingly random order–is conducive to creating poetry. Images are moments and poetry is a means through which more… »