My Gifs To You~ Guide

Created by helterskelliter (@helterskelliter), guide for GIF A Scene in the Digital Alchemists Coffee Shop Make

In this activity, we got to experiment with making gifs. We were asked to consider what the alchemist cafe would look like and then create a gif that illustrates that experience. For my gifs, I used one video source. My first gif is meant to represent how I view myself approaching the problem of the more… »

I'm Not Like Other Memes Guide

Created by helterskelliter (@helterskelliter), guide for Most Fascinating Subject in the World Meme Make

So…. For those who don’t know, I’m interested in both memes and community service. As such, I decided to unify both interests in one meme. The image I chose to use is actually in my university’s calendar and depicts me participating in a service project at a local community food bank. I’m wearing a decidedly lovely hairnet. more… »

My Selfies Keep My Secrets Guide

Created by helterskelliter (@helterskelliter), guide for #SelfieUnselfie Make

Until recently, I considered myself a selfie-queen. I would post pictures of myself daily on my social media feeds. The pictures made me feel confident and made me see myself as pretty. Despite the confidence I’m sometimes told I project, I’m actually quite self-conscious about my appearance. Growing up my skin was too pale and more… »

Comparing LPR Locations in Newark to Areas of Inequality Guide

Created by Kelli (@helterskelliter), guide for Digital Redlining: The Newark Game Board Make

In researching whether or not a kind of redlining is still present in Essex County, specifically in Newark, NJ, I noticed a possible correlation between License Plate Reader (LPR) camera locations and the location of Newark’s poorer areas. According to the LPR map, there is a cluster of license plate reader cameras located in the more… »

Aggravation Guide

Created by Kelli (@helterskelliter), guide for Digital / Gamed Life Sound Effect Story Make

So, I wasn’t really sure what story I wanted to create using sound until I got lost in the incessant clacking sound of my keyboard. Then, I knew what I wanted to say: My message relates more to how annoying certain aspects of digital life and communication can be. It’s great–don’t get me wrong–but it can be more… »

What You Make (Haha) of It Guide

Created by Kelli (@helterskelliter), guide for GIF It All Together: Digital Art / Digital Life Make

My gif to you~ To me, a lot of our discussion has revolved around whether or not new digital media is art. Does it have that essence to it that makes traditional art moving and purposeful and, well, art? Can work made through digital means? I don’t know about you, but the answer to that for me, is yes. more… »

*I'm not responsible for any torch-related injuries Guide

Created by Kelli (@helterskelliter), guide for GIF a Process Make

Ever wondered how to solder something together??? Well, look no further–I’ve got you. Though no small task, I was able to condense the basic soldering process into 6 easy steps: (supplies not included) Place your soldering chips around the two pieces of metal you want to solder. Fire fire fire fire fire (torch your piece more… »

Selfies for the NSA Agent Assigned to You~ Guide

Created by helterskelliter (@helterskelliter), guide for This GIFfed Digital Life Make

Big Brother’s got to know my angles, right??? Lol My main gif here plays off the idea that out online activity is always being monitored. Specifically, I’m referencing the ongoing joke online (since the Snowden thing???) that all American citizens have an NSA/FBI agent assigned to watch them. I used a clip from the mockumentary What more… »