It’s in the Eyes / Things I Said I Could Not Do Guide

Created by Alan Levine (@cogdog), guide for #SelfieUnselfie Make

I take and share many photos but almost none are selfies. I might say my expression is what I see through the camera. But maybe I carry and create assumptions when seeing the selfies of others. There is no single way to categorize them all in terms of intent. And I do enjoy taking candid more… »

My Sliver of Quiet Twitter Times Guide

Created by Alan Levine (@cogdog), guide for What’s Do Your Pre-NetNarr Twitter Tracks Look Like? Make

It’s no surprise my account activity is pretty full. I tweet a lot. At least this indicates I sleep (or do not tweet) from ~ 1:30am to 6:30am (but sometimes wake up Tuesdays 4am to tweet? I hope that’s not a regular pattern. This does show that some? entity? might be able to deduce my more… »