This site includes a collection of activities for the Networked Narratives course being taught January-May 2018, both at Kean University (Alan Levine) and at the University of Bergen (Mia Zamora).

As connected, overlapping, but not duplicate course, this bank provides a platform for offering not only the assignments themselves, but also collect the responses created by participants

An instance of the DS106 Assignment Bank this is a similar approach to teaching media courses that allow participants to choose from a collection of various assignments, and as well, for anyone to add new ones to the collection.

We are using the name of “Makes” following the maker movement and specifically CLMOOC Make Bank

For The #NetNarr Make Bank, we are organizing them into types that match the focus of the courses:

How To Find Makes to Do

(fill in)

Direct link as asssignment
Explore within the 4 general types

How to Respond to a Make

Produce work at a public URL or on your own blog. Write a response and link to the work. Write abut it.

How to Add a Make

Click that button! Hee hee. A key aspect of creating a creative challenge might be called “dog fooding” meaning that you know only have to explain and outline the instructions for a Make, but you also have to produce an example of a response.